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Welcome to Elsa's Organic Duck Eggs

Elsa's eggs come from Higher Fingle Farm where Rona and Nevil Amiss lovingly rear their flocks of organic chickens, ducks and geese to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Elsa is Rona's eldest daughter, Elsa isn't so keen on the idea of ducks for dinner, so she took a stand and set up her own duck egg project! With the help of her 4 siblings (and mum), she collects washes, grades and packs these divine organic eggs.

The Amiss' grassland farm is set in the rolling parish of Drewsteighton on the edge of Dartmoor where they have won numerous awards for their poultry, including the Waitrose/Country Living Food Champion Award.

Duck eggs, with sunshine yellow yolks, can be used in many ways from poached eggs to terrific sponges.
How about trying boiled duck eggs, just drop in boiling water for 6 mins for a perfect taste of Devon!

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