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So what's so good about our Duck eggs?

Well, the ducks really do free range. They are let out in the morning (hopefully after they have finished laying) and then they roam unrestricted across mixed organic grassland. This can often cause amusement locally as they can wander down the road or in the garden! By having so much freedom they always are on grassland, whatever the weather, even when they make it muddy around the houses. This is vital to give the naturally rich colour of the yolks and keep the ducks in tip top condition.

We only feed a cereal based organic feed, which means no artificial amino acids, Genetically modified ingredients or any feed additives. We have used the same feed from a local company for many years and have every confidence in the traceability.

Careful monitoring of the flock with our vet ensures that ducks welfare is our top priority and eggs produced are 100% safe.

Our flocks are kept in natural groups in mobile arks that are bedded with clean straw every day. They make communal nests in our own designed nest baskets. We have no slatted housing as we believe that it may be hygienic but it is definitely not natural!

Duck eggs can get muddy when the ducks put their big webby feet on their communal nest, this means that we are allowed to wash our eggs. Other leading duck egg suppliers wash their eggs in a chlorine solution that leaves the eggs very clean, but strips away the natural shell protective coating. We never use chemicals and our eggs are gently washed in potable fresh water giving you a perfect egg as nature intended!

All our eggs are then carefully candled to identify any cracks or blemishs to make sure you get a grade 1 egg, before packing in our recycled board packaging.

So when you buy Elsa's Organic Duck Eggs you are buying a great authentic product from a real family farm, not some large egg company with clever marketing. If you are ever in Devon do please call into see for yourself and if you come at the right time of day you can even collect your own eggs (as long as you donít mind taking orders from a gang of children!)

Read more about our farm at http://www.higherfingle.co.uk

ducks in the field Eggs in a nest Rona Elsa packing  eggs

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